Should You Choose A Lever Espresso Machine Over An Automatic Machine?


For the true coffee enthusiast a mug of instant granules in the morning will never be enough, and if you want to enjoy a piping hot espresso coffee whenever you want without paying steep coffee shop prices, owning your own espresso machine is the way to go.  Many modern espresso machines are so sophisticated and automated that they can make you a barista-quality espresso at the simple push of a button, but many espresso lovers eschew this modern convenience in favour of more traditional, lever-action manual espresso machines.

13 July 2018

Did You Know Using Too Much Detergent Can Damage Your Washing Machine?


You could throw lightly worn clothes in your washing machine without any detergent and still have them come out clean, but the vast majority of owners use detergent to get rid of deep strains, kill bacteria and get clothes as fresh as possible. Unfortunately, many people use too much of it! Here are just a few ways using too much detergent can lead to washing machine repairs. Unpleasant Odours

23 April 2018