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Howdy, my name is Steve. I live in Perth, Australia with my wife and our two lovely kids. On this blog, I will be passing on everything I have learnt about servicing household appliances. I should point out that I am not a professional when it comes to this subject, but I have learnt a lot over the past couple of years. I spend my days working for an investment bank, so when I get home, I like nothing more than to spend some time in the kitchen cooking with my wife. I rely heavily on my kitchen appliances so I decided I would learn how to look after them. My brother-in-law is an appliance repairman and he gave me some great tips.

Maintenance Tips for Critical Oven Parts


When it comes to oven maintenance, prevention is better than a cure, mainly because you use the appliance every day of the week. Notably, failure to take good care of critical oven parts can lead to premature failure and reduce the service life of an appliance. On the other hand, adequate oven parts maintenance can save you a ton of effort, time, and money in terms of repairs. Therefore, what maintenance steps should you take to ensure that oven components continue to operate optimally and efficiently? Read on to find out.

Regularly Check the Door Seal — The door seal is one of the most critical parts of an oven because it keeps heat inside the chamber. If you have a faulty door seal, heat will easily escape from inside a range, making your meals take longer to cook and losing copious amounts of energy in the process. Consequently, it forces you to pay more in utility bills. In this regard, regularly inspect an oven door gasket. To do it, open an oven door and feel the rubber material all around with your fingers. Look for broken, torn or worn-out sections during your inspection. Besides, debris can accumulate between a door gasket; hence, regularly cleaning it can prevent premature damage. If you find a broken section, replace the entire seal immediately to avoid energy loss and slow cooking times.

Lubricate Oven Rack — Oven racks are designed to smoothly glide in and out of an oven. Therefore, it is easy to ignore oven racks in your maintenance routine. However, ignoring the shelves can make life difficult for you, particularly because debris can prevent them from gliding smoothly. Therefore, it is advisable to clean oven racks using steel wool pads. Afterward, wipe the racks with vegetable oil. A well-lubricated oven rack glides on its ridges effortlessly, making cooking sessions enjoyable.

Clean and Operate Knobs Gently — The knobs on a kitchen oven serve different purposes, and since they can turn clockwise and anticlockwise, you should remember to take good care of them. Although oven knobs are made from quality materials, you should still treat them delicately. If you use excessive force operating the knobs, the chances are high that you might break a few in a short span. Therefore, turn oven knobs gently if you want them to last a long time. You should also remember to clean food spills and particles behind the knobs. Notably, food particles lodged inside oven knobs can make operation difficult.

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16 March 2022