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Tips for Cleaning Refrigerated Cake Display Cabinets


You need to take special care when you are cleaning your refrigerated cake display cabinet in order to prolong its service life and avoid safety hazards. This article discusses some of the tips that you should keep in mind during the cleaning exercise.

Avoid Using Bleaches

Avoid using aggressive cleaning materials and chemicals, such as scourers and bleaches, when you are cleaning your refrigerated cake display cabinets. Those aggressive materials and chemicals may cause some components of the display cabinet to corrode. Surfaces may also be damaged by those chemicals and materials. Instead, use a damp cloth and mild soap.

Keep Away from Hot Water

Some inexperienced owners of cake display cabinets may think that they will achieve better results if they use hot water to clean those refrigerated display cabinets. However, that hot water may cause the glass sections of the cabinets to shatter because of the sudden change in the temperature of that glass.

Pay Attention to the Fins

The condenser fins at the back of the refrigerated cake display cabinet needs to be checked regularly to confirm that dust isn't affecting their performance. Remove the panel covering this component and use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dust. Use compressed air to remove the dust in case a lot of it has caked on the fins. This will prevent the compressor from failing.

Use a Level Surface

It is very hard to clean the sliding doors effectively when they are on the display cabinet. It is better to remove them gently, place them on a cloth that has been laid on a level surface and proceed to clean them. Let the doors dry before you return them to their place on the display cabinet.

Use Water Sparingly

Water and electricity should never mix. You should therefore use the least amount of water during the cleaning exercise. For instance, avoid using any water when you are cleaning around the controller of your display cabinet. Instead, use a slightly moist cloth to clean this area carefully so that no drop of water reaches the electrical components. You should also avoid pouring water into the refrigeration well or cabinets since that water can accidentally splash onto an electrical component as you work.

The tips above should complement the specific cleaning guidelines that were given by the manufacturer of your refrigerated cake display cabinets. In this way, you will avoid any complications that could have resulted from using improper cleaning methods


31 July 2017